Tupac Shakur's First Ten Albums


2pacalypse Now

Tupac Shakur's first album came out in 1992. He expresses his views on police brutality, discrimination, poverty, street life and politics.



Strictly My ******

Tupac's second album is a little more "gangster" than his first. He mainly confronts the people who wanted to censor his music with a negative attitude.



Thug LIfe

In 1994 Shakur dropped a group album with four others. He appears on the majority of the tracks and this is a gem of an album.



Me against the world

"Me Against the World" (1995) is a Hip Hop Classic. This is a masterpiece -every track on it is excellent. Shakur goes so deep throughout EG "Dear Mama."


All Eyez on Me

This album is Tupac's first release with Death Row Records. Once again, another classic and a double CD.



The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

" The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" was the first album to be released after Tupac's death. The music on it was what he was making right before he died. Each track is very deep and very powerful.



R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

This 1997 post death album covers old music of his 1991-1994. R U Still Down is one of the best after life 2Pac albums that anyone has put together. It is a hard listener but the overall talent that he must have put into making that much material before he died deserves enough respect. This album is a must have.


2Pac - Greatest Hits

2Pac's style, lyrics, beats, originality, (I can go on forever) will never be matched. What makes him so good is that he raps about things that actually happen to him when he's not talking about sex or cursing out east coast rappers. This is a great collection of songs, and some are edited for legal reasons. The addition of the unreleased songs, especially "Changes", puts this above All Eyez On Me as his best album. The ratings max at 100.


Still I Rise

The worst aspect of Tupac Shakur's death was the uncontrollable inevitability of it all. Even if he hadn't been cruelly gunned down, anyone who was paying attention knew his story wouldn't have a happy ending. His public persona was so confused: a tempestuous mix of poet, thug, sensitive soul, and woman-chaser. The same elements that made his downfall so unavoidable are the ones that make it a no-brainer that he would continue to fascinate and sell records years after he took his residence in heaven's ghetto. "Still I Rise" is Tupac's fifth posthumous release.


The Rose That Grew from Concrete

This is not a music cd. Instead its poems written by Tupac Shakur interpreted by others.