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Jason Aldean is a hit country singer. He has spent five years now singing and buiding his carrier. For the most part the last 12 months he has been at number one on the radio charts more than any other country artist. In all this he still makes muic like no one else ever has before. There is always some sort offamiliarity to his music although everything he does is very original and differs from every other country artist. The small-town themes that pervade many of his songs—that's all been done before, but not quite with the unwavering honesty that Aldean applies to the subject.

Since his 2005 debut with the scorching "Hicktown," the singer has set himself apart from the pack as a truly unique artist. He addresses his Georgia-born brand of country music with a singular vision, and he intends to keep it that way.

"The whole thing about being creative is coming up with new things," he says matter-of-factly in a converted barn on his Nashville-area farm. "What makes you different and more creative than the other guys is taking something to an extreme and making it better without ripping anybody else off. I think that's the key. The great ones figure it out and are constantly evolving, and that's what makes 'em great."

"That's what it's all about," he shrugs, "knowing what it is that sets you apart from everybody else."








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