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Now a recognized basketball speaker, Spud retired from basketball in 1997. Once again, despite Spud's incredible college career, he was not selected in the NBA draft because of his size. Refusing to give up on his lifelong dream, a disappointed Webb played in the United States Basketball League. Spud finally achieved his goal in 1985 when he was drafted in the fourth round by the Detroit Pistons. Just when he thought that he had overcome his final obstacle, Spud was cut by the team. However, he was given an opportunity to tryout for the Atlanta Hawks and the rest was history. Teaming with Doc Rivers, Spud went on to average over 10 points, five assists a game, play in several playoff series and of course, win the slam-dunk championship at the 1986 All-Star game, beating out Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan.

Testimonials About Spud Webb.

"This guy is amazing! Every time he stepped out onto the court, he inspired us with his determination. Spud has beaten the odds and his story will leave you flying high!"

Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers

"Despite all evidence to the contrary, he somehow developed the notion that he could one day play pro basketball. Never mind that everyone laughed at the idea, at the sheer absurdity of a 5'6 waterbug, challenging the giants of the NBA. Spud Webb went out and did exactly that!"

Reid Slaughter
Author of Flying High (The Story of Spud Webb)





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