Welcome to my A.J. Green website!

In this website you will learn about A.J. Green, and his high school career, his college career at Georgia, and his NFL Rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals.

A.J. is considered as one of the best wide receivers coming out of South Carolina. You can see this in football career, and his impact on and off the field.

A.J. was called the best player his legendary high school coach, John McKissick, ever had. Mark Richt was A.J.'s coach in college, and he said that A.J. might be one of the best players he has ever coached. Mark Richt also said that everyday in practice was like a highlight film.

A.J.'s new head coach, Marvin Lewis had this to say about him, "You have to have things on offense that push people. A.J. is a guy who will push the defense and make them defend him over the top. He stands out for his radius in catching the ball and running after the catch. And he has shown a great attitude and growth in knowing you never stop working hard to get better and better."

A.J.'s new offensive coordinater, Jay Gruden, said this about A.J., "On draft day I felt like I just got up on Christmas and opened my favorite present. A.J. is not only a great player but a great person. He has a great attitude, and with his desire to work and ability to make plays, the sky is the limit for him."