Light within every room in the house has the power to change everything. Depending on how much or how little light is in a room changes the mood and sets the aspects of things you want to accentuate. Where you place the lighting creates illumination on special things in the room. There are three main types: general, task and accent. If you combine all three it is decorative lighting. This creates mood and it shows the owner and the things they enjoy. General lighting is mainly used for brightening the entire room. To do this people use Up-lights that point toward the ceiling and Downlights that shine light down from the ceiling or wall. Task lighting is usually used for more intense light in smaller areas. This should be very bright using a higher watt. Accent lighting gives the room that wow factor that some people are looking for. Many use halogen because of its high pitch and excellence.


This is a picture of a room with R

This picture shows a room with differnet kinds of lighting. One is able to use different types of lights of they match and convey the right lighting needed.