Pattern relates to the repetitions of a graphic motif on an object and the illustrative perception. Many people convey this using wallpaper, tile and carpet. Like texture, a pattern can also define the outcome of a room but when it is not balanced it can throw the whole room off. Some of the most common patterns are stripes, floral, motif, and animal. Stripes can be very hard for the eye to follow and understand in a small room. A large room is needed so one can step back and look at the whole room or wall. For floral designs it is a general rule for the bigger the room the larger the floral design can be and vise versa. If one wanted to create brig gesture and make it stand out even if they have a small room that is possible but they have to make sure the type of design matches the room and the other things, like furniture, rugs and wallpaper. Motif patterns are usually based on abstract ideas. Even though the room may be based on ideas who added together with the right color scheme it brings the room together. Although animal patterns are not very common they are not limited to only fur or skin on the walls or in the form of a blanket. This includes any representation of an animal. Because animal print is so bold it is usually a good idea to only use a little representation like a pillow or tiny carpet. When you have a small ides in a room you can them pick out the main colors you see in the pattern and use a neutral color for the walls or furniture.

This is a picture with some different kinds of pattern mentioned before.This is a picture with different kinda of patterns.