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The volleyball court is 59 feet long and 29.5 feet wide, and is split down the middle to form the two sides of the court each team plays on. The net is 7 feet and 4 ⅛ inches high from the floor to the top of the net tape. 6.5 feet of the space right outside of the court must be clear from any kind of obstructions or anything that could harm or be harmed (by) players. The ceiling must be at least 26 feet high even though the NCAA recommends 41 feet.

Six members per team and three must be in the front row and three must be in the back row. Once the ball has been served the players are free to move around the court as they need to even outside of the lines, except for the middle line. You may not spike the ball in front of the 10 foot line. Each team is allowed 12 substitutions per set. You can sub if and only when there is a dead ball.

Each match contains 5 sets, first team to win three of the five sets wins the entire match. The first four sets are played to 25 points and the team must win by two points. If they make it to the fifth set, then that set is only played to 15. And again, you have to win by two points. One team scores a point every time there is a volley, no matter what team had the serve. You receive a point every time the ball lands in the other team's court when they fail to return the ball in bound or when one of the two teams gets called for breaking a rule.