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High School Volleyball

Basic rules
- 6 players per side on the floor at any given time.

- 3 front row players

- 3 back row players

- Maximum of 3 contacts per side

- Winning team of the rally is awarded the points

- A player may not make more than one contact in a row with the ball (block is not considered a hit)

- Ball can be played off the net during a volley and a serve

- If the ball hits the boundary line(s) it is in

- Ball is out if it hits the antennae, ceiling, floor(outside of boundaries), cables or net outside of the antennae

- You can make contact with the ball with any part of your body

- You cannot hold, lift, or catch the ball

- You cannot attack a serve from in front of the 10-foot line

- You must stay in rotation on the court and not pass the player in front of you in rotation until the ball is served.

- You much win the match by 2 points

- JV level: best 2 of 3, first two matches are 25 points, third match is 15 points, if one team wins the first two matches they win the game and don't have to play the last match

- Varsity level: best 4 of 5, first 4 matches are 25 points, fifth is 15 points, if one team wins the first 3 games then they win the game and don't have to play the 2 other matches.


Team Celibrating in a Pile



High School volleyball is for sure more laid back than if you played for a club team or a college team. It is more of a learning experience than anything else. A warm up if you will, and I think highschool is for learning the basics and then once you move up in your passion and ability then you move to playing club and eventually college volleyball.