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Interesting Facts


1. The first volleyball designed was either created in 1896 or 1900 by Spalding, but the date is still in question.

2. The first beach volleyball courts were set up in the 1920s in Santa Monica, California.

3. Two, three, or four person team variations were developed in the 1930s

4. In 1930 the first two player game of volleyball (beach) was played

5. World Championships for men was held in 1949

6. World Championships for women was held in 1952

7. The one handed block move is called Kong, based on the King Kong movie where he swats the planes from the the Empire State Building.

8. Getting spiked in the face is referred to as a facial

9. Volleyball players will jump an average of 300 times per game

10. The longest volleyball game played was played in Kingston, N.C. that lasted 75 hours and 30 minutes.

11. About 46 million people play volleyball per week in the United States, 800 million people play the sport worldwide.

12. Most common injuries in volleyball include ACL, knee, shoulder, ankle, finger, lower back, and shoulder.